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I'm not sure who you are,
or how you came to be.
You are all things complicated;
nothing about you is simple
And I love it.
:iconsame-but-different:same-but-different 1 0
Baby play by same-but-different Baby play :iconsame-but-different:same-but-different 2 0 Nottingham by same-but-different Nottingham :iconsame-but-different:same-but-different 0 0
talking back
little desert voice...i wish i could show you that your journey's far from over.
it will be painful. difficult. it will nearly kill you.
but you will come up smiling.
trust me.
you. WILL. NOT. fail.
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Do i still love you?
Or only a memory
that's wearing your face?
:iconsame-but-different:same-but-different 2 0
God is my heart condition
Sit at a window and ask yourself
a question. Is this
all there is to life?
There is hate, yes.
Screaming, yes.
Pain, undoubtedly.
Love...a possibility?
I might forget what I enjoy
and question what I fear.
I might always look the same.
But I don't think I'll ever trade
a life of joy
for a forever of butterflies.
life implies no death,
but forever only lasts so long. get swept away with a tasteless kiss?
Love means more to me than this.
:iconsame-but-different:same-but-different 5 4
For now we are but hearts drawn in sand,
Lost as to where solidarity lies.
Temporary people in a shifting land,
All but failing to cloak our demise.
Yet in the midst of this strange despair,
I see a cross on a hill stand tall and high.
And my sin floats away on a web of air,
As once again to my Lord I fly.
:iconsame-but-different:same-but-different 9 3
Lovers lie on grass tonight
naked and falling through each other's arms,
with young touches and butterfly kisses.
Dandelion clocks and fireflies rudely pushed aside,
to hold them in earthbound clouds.
Stars and moon will watch.
It wouldn't be the first time.
:iconsame-but-different:same-but-different 3 0
Row Your Boat by same-but-different Row Your Boat :iconsame-but-different:same-but-different 2 0
painting sunset
evening ushers
in twilight. touch the sky
and paint it with your hand of glory
throw down your brushes
and wave goodbye
to the beginning of your story
:iconsame-but-different:same-but-different 2 5
Peace Bridge by same-but-different Peace Bridge :iconsame-but-different:same-but-different 8 2
Dear Future Me,
We've spoken a lot, you and , but I thought it fitting to write a letter to you. A memento, if you will, of how we used to feel.
We've been through so much together - you may as well have something to remember me by!
This letter won't reach you for a long time to come, but in a way, that's a blessing. I look forward to meeting you every day, and the feeling only increases as time passes. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and all that.
You've seen more of the world than I, and have many more stories. That much I trust of you. Our inner library must be enormous by now!
I have so many questions to ask! Did you keep collecting books? Did you ever finish reading the ones we already had? I hope so! Did we achieve any of our dreams? Did you start that comic? Finish our story? How have the characters developed? Are there new ones?
Are we in love? What's he like? How has he changed us? How do you deal with fear? Have you committed to something with everything you've got yet? Are you stronger
:iconsame-but-different:same-but-different 2 3
TWLOHA by same-but-different TWLOHA :iconsame-but-different:same-but-different 46 11
i wish i knew what
to write. but i don't. so here's
a haiku instead.
:iconsame-but-different:same-but-different 2 3
my two cents by same-but-different my two cents :iconsame-but-different:same-but-different 4 0 waterfall by same-but-different waterfall :iconsame-but-different:same-but-different 8 4




Little Lizzie Burns
United Kingdom
I want to approach you all first and foremost with an apology.
It is clear to me that I have been neglecting you for some time now, and for that I am sorry.
It should be noted, however, that in the meantime I have begun university and for the past 7 months simply have not had any inspiration whatsoever for any fresh photographs, drawings or works of awe-inspiring (:lmao:) literature.

For now I have nothing new.
Except these:……

I'd say there's hope in all of us. Wouldn't you agree?


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pinkythepink Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015  Professional Artisan Crafter
:love: Thank you for the favorites, it really means ever so much to me that you enjoy my artwork! I invite you to add me to your watch so that you can see all the future beaded and stitched pieces I have planned! :blowkiss: Just think of the sparkles... :squee:
same-but-different Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2015
They were earned. It took a lot of skill and effort to put those together!
pinkythepink Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2015  Professional Artisan Crafter
:love: I'm so glad you can see that!
hubert61 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014
merci pour les favs :) (Smile)
same-but-different Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
Pas de problème :)
hadidjah Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks so much for the watch, I really appreciate it!^v^

You wouldn't happen to be a Sambakza fan, would you?  I was just curious because of the username.:)
same-but-different Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013
You are most welcome :)

I'm afraid I have no idea what Sambazka is! My username is the result of fingers thinking before my brain could interject :P
hadidjah Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Haha, nothing wrong with that.:P
It made me think of this (verrrry old) Flash video that also has Same But Different in the title.
same-but-different Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013
Right! I can see the confusion :)
Rammoth Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the watch!! =D
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